Red Eye Tree frogs for sale


Red Eye Tree frogs for sale eggs typically hatch within 6 to 7 days if left undisturbed. This process occurs above or very close to a body of water, because tadpoles which hatch from the eggs will drop into water from the leaf.

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Tadpoles eat plants, algae, plankton, bacteria, and carrion. After metamorphosis, froglets begin consuming small insects like fruit flies and pinhead crickets.

Life cycle Red Eye Tree frogs for sale

Following fertilization, females lay clutches of about 40 eggs, and can lay multiple clutches in a single night. Since the eggs are often adhered to a leaf above water, tadpoles fall into the water below as soon as they hatch. Eggs will usually hatch 6-8 days after they have been laid, with some variation depending on geography and risk assessment through vibration.


Red Eye Tree frogs for sale

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