sailfin dragon for sale


Sailfin dragon for sale is a large, striking lizard hailing from New Guinea, the Philippines, and some parts of Eastern Indonesia.

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In 1829, Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz discovered a new sailfin lizard species in the Philippines and designated it as Hydrosaurus pustulatus. The genus Hydrosaurus is specific to Southeast Asia, and it only contains three major species (with two additional species falling under H. amboinensis): H. amboinensis, H. pulsatus, and H. weberi.

Habitat and distribution sailfin dragon for sale

The Philippine sailfin lizard is found across several of the islands that comprise the Philippines, including Guimaras, Romblon, Negros, and Cebu, but the lizard is not found in Palawan Island.


sailfin dragon for sale

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