Stunning bumblebee toad


bumblebee toad diet should consist of small insects like fruit flies every day for young toads and every other day for adults.

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Description bumblebee toad

They were originally described in 1875. It grows to about 2.75 cm, with females almost always being larger than males. The back of the toad is black with yellow spots and stripes.

The lower ventral area is black with red markings, and the feet are typically solid red except for the hind toes. These ventral red spots can extend to the dorsum, particularly in females. Markings are highly variable and it is rare for any of them to be symmetrical.

They were first discovered in Córdoba, Argentina. Bumblebee toads are primarily found in Paraguay and Argentina, but have been occasionally observed in Uruguay and Brazil. Their range may also extend into Bolivia.


bumblebee toad

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Froglets, Juveniles, Adults


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