Glass Tree Frogs for sale

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Reticulated glass tree frogs for sale can be found in the rain forests of Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador. These animals, which are active at night, …



The internal viscera, including the heart, liver, and gastrointestinal tract, are visible through the skin. When active their blood makes them visible; when sleeping most of the blood is concealed in the liver, hiding them. Glass frogs are arboreal, living mainly in trees, and only come out for mating season. Their transparency conceals them very effectively when sleeping on a green leaf, as they habitually do.

axonomy of glass tree frogs for sale

The first described species of Centrolenidae was the “giant” Centrolene geckoideum, named by Marcos Jiménez de la Espada in 1872, based on a specimen collected in northeastern Ecuador.


Glass Tree Frogs for sale


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