golden Mantellas for sale


Golden mantellas for sale use auditory cues, and may also use visual or chemical cues to communicate. They use their vision to locate prey. Communication Channels …

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It has an extremely restricted distribution in three distinct areas centered on the town of Moramanga – Beparasy and Ambohibary Communes, Torotorofotsy Wetland northwest of Andasibe, and in the area of Ambakoana.

Description of golden mantellas for sale

There are is a uniformly yellow, orange, or red frog measuring 20–26 mm. The inner leg displays red flash marks. The tympanum is visible, but small. Brightly colored skin warns predators that the frog is poisonous. It is thought that the brilliant colors exhibited by the golden mantella are an example of aposematism, warning predators of the poisonous nature of the frog.


golden Mantellas for sale

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Froglets, Juveniles, Adults


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